We Love YEW and Other Favorite Hedging Plants

Around this time of year, we are thinking about YEWs. With all the leaves off the trees and all the perennials gone to bed, the evergreen shrubs take the cold winter months as time to show off. They provide structure for the garden throughout the rest of … Read More

Plant of the Week: Poinsettia

It's the perfect time of year to recognize one of our favorite indoor plants - the Poinsettia! Euphorbia pulcherrima is a tropical plant native to Mexico. A widely popular indoor plant used for holiday displays, the Poinsettia comes in a variety of colors, including shades of red, … Read More

Plant of the Week: Nandina domestica

Nandina domestica, also known as Heavenly Bamboo, is a popular low maintenance evergreen shrub. It is very tolerant of drought, a variety of soil compositions, and full shade, but grows best in moist soil with morning sun. Nandina domestica is a unique option for a hedge plant, … Read More

Plant of the Week: Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum, more commonly known as a Sugar Maple, is a native tree with a dense, rounded crown of green leaves. It is famous for its spectacular fall color of bright yellow to burnt orange in autumn. The Sugar Maple is a very common tree in the … Read More

Plant of the Week: Pachysandra

Pachysandra is an evergreen ground cover that grows well in shaded areas. It spreads quickly and will form a dense, rich green carpet about 8-12" high. This low maintenance plant is drought tolerant and provides seasonal interest when tiny white flowers appear in early spring. Light Needs: Partial … Read More

Plant of the Week: Mum

Mums are one of the most recognizable fall flowers. Available in sizes from 4.5" to 12",  mums are a popular choice for fall decorating. They bloom late summer through fall with small to medium blooms. Mums come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, … Read More

Plant of the Week: American Boxwood

The American Boxwood is a popular evergreen shrub with rich colored winter foliage. Left to its natural habit, they can grow significantly, but they are easily pruned and maintained to any desirable shape and size. American Boxwoods are very long-lived and moderately deer and leaf miner resistant. Light … Read More