Annuals & Flowers

Succulents are here to stay!

Succulents have been popular since about 2010 and they continue to be a steadfast décor element in fashion, the wedding industry, interior design, and landscape architecture. There are so many reasons to love succulents! They are easy to maintain and require less fuss than most other houseplants. … Read More

Plant of the Week: Mum

Mums are one of the most recognizable fall flowers. Available in sizes from 4.5" to 12",  mums are a popular choice for fall decorating. They bloom late summer through fall with small to medium blooms. Mums come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, red, pink, … Read More

Plant of the Week: Viola

Violas are a popular and hearty annual that blooms throughout Fall and into Winter. They come in a variety of solid colors from cheery yellows and bright oranges, to deep purples, and even black. Violas also come in Blotch versions, which feature an accent color in the … Read More

Plant of the Week: Pansy

One popular fall annual that packs a big punch of color is the Pansy. While its name suggests images of weakness, Pansies are actually quite the opposite. This hearty flower blooms from late summer to early winter, bringing color throughout the Fall, right up until harsher temperatures … Read More

Plant of the Week: Paeonia ‘Karl Rosenfield’

Peonies are a popular landscaping design idea because of their large, beautiful blooms. While peonies are available in many colors, 'Karl Rosenfield' is one of our favorites. Deep pink to red double flowers adorn this lovely perennial that blooms in May and June. Light Needs: Full sun Watering Needs: … Read More

Plant of the Week: Caladium

Caladium is a unique accent plant for summer annuals or as tubers planted within a garden. Large, heart-shaped leaves are available in color combinations of red, pink, rose, white, chartreuse, and green. The foliage is almost translucent, which makes them light up a shaded garden area. Light Needs: … Read More

Plant of the Week: Tropical Hibiscus

You may think that in our area, the Tropical Hibiscus is not an ideal plant for installing in a landscape. But it makes a great potted summer annual and can be housed indoors during colder months. The beautiful blooms are typically 6" in diameter and will last … Read More

Plant of the Week: Verbena

Another great choice for summer annuals is Verbena. The clusters of small flowers provides variety from more traditional annuals. The blooms last throughout summer and come in a variety of colors, including red, purple, pink, white, and even peach. Light Needs: Full sun Watering Needs: Moderate, more in dry … Read More