Plant of the Week: Verbena

Another great choice for summer annuals is Verbena. The clusters of small flowers provides variety from more traditional annuals. The blooms last throughout summer and come in a variety of colors, including red, purple, pink, white, and even peach. Light Needs: Full sun Watering Needs: Moderate, more in dry … Read More

Plant of the Week: Solenia Begonia

Continuing our summer annual theme, Solenia Begonias are another great choice for flower beds. Somewhat unique from it's Wax relative, the Solenia Begonia has waxy leaves but a rose-like bloom from spring through fall. Available in orange, red, pink, and yellow shades, it is an excellent choice … Read More

Plant of the Week: Wave Petunias

This summer annual is a great choice for bright colors in mass plantings. Available in several sizes with a trailing growth habit, Wave Petunias bloom throughout summer into the fall. Light Needs: Full sun Watering Needs: Moderate, more in dry seasons Average Size: 4"-12" tall Why we love this plant: Wave … Read More

Arbor Day – We Heart Trees!

April is a very exciting month for us! Not only does spring really kick into high gear, but both Earth Day and Arbor Day are celebrated in April too! And what better way to wrap up April than celebrating trees? Arbor Day's roots (pun intended), stem all the … Read More

Plant of the Week: Vinca

Vinca (annual)   This annual is ideal for summer planting. Typically available in 4.5" and 6" pots and a variety of colors, Vinca will bloom throughout the summer. Highly recommended for low maintenance flower beds. Light Needs: Full sun Watering Needs: Moderate, more in dry seasons Average Size: 14"-16" tall Why we love … Read More

So You Want to Plant a Garden

Sustainability through community and residential gardening has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Naturally, being landscapers, we love this movement and all of the potential opportunities it presents. People don't always consider combining a landscape design with a functional garden, often because they assume … Read More

Tree Planting and stone wall

Petite & Pretty Trees

Adding a tree to your landscape doesn't necessarily have to mean planting a skyscraper that towers over everything. There are a vast variety of small trees that can make a big difference by adding color, texture, and height to the existing layout. Here are a few of our favorites: Stewartia … Read More