Plant of the Week: Holly ‘Nellie R. Stevens’

Ilex, more commonly known as a Holly, comes in many varieties, but ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ is perhaps one of the most attractive. This large evergreen shrub grows quickly and more densely than its relatives. Large, bright orange-red berries adorn rich green leaves from late fall into winter.

Light Needs: Partial to full sun

Watering Needs: Moderate watering, more often in hot, dry periods

Average Size: 15′ – 20′ tall, 10′ wide

Why we love this plant: Another great evergreen shrub, Ilex ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ can be easily pruned and shaped to a neat and attractive appearance. Because the foliage is so dense, it makes a great screening plant throughout the year. ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ can also be used as an anchor on the corner of a house or building to add height and interest.