Plant of the Week: Pansy

One popular fall annual that packs a big punch of color is the Pansy. While its name suggests images of weakness, Pansies are actually quite the opposite. This hearty flower blooms from late summer to early winter, bringing color throughout the Fall, right up until harsher temperatures hit. Pansies have even been known to bloom through the winter months. Large blooms help the Pansy really stand out.

Light Needs: Full sun or partial shade

Watering Needs: Moderate watering, can be drought-tolerant

Average Size: 6”-8” tall

Why we love this plant: Pansies come in a wide range of solid colors, as well as Blotch varieties with an accent color on the inside. There are also several types of Pansies with multiple colors on each bloom, making for a very cheerful garden. Pansies look great planted alone or in mixes of colors. Some of the more popular mixes include Cool Water Mix (with cool blues and purples), and Harvest Mix, featuring warm reds and oranges. Pansies look great planted in garden beds, pots, and hanging baskets.