Plant of the Week: Japanese Laceleaf Maple

You may be thinking that we are being redundant since last week’s Plant of the Week was the Japanese Maple, but the Japanese Laceleaf is very unique from its relative. Arguably one of the most refined of all maples, the Acer palmatum ‘Dissectum’ has a much more delicate, lace-like foliage. Contrary to the Japanese Maple, the Laceleaf grows in more of a mounding habit, rather than upright. Because of this, a mature Laceleaf will remain smaller, 4′-8′ average, compared to non-dissected types, but often spreads just as full and wide.

Light Needs: Partial to full sun

Watering Needs: Regular watering until established

Average Size: 4′-10′ tall, depending on variety

Why we love this plant: A widely popular showpiece for landscape design, this ornamental tree is considered a status symbol. The delicate foliage and maturity of the tree both factor into the price tag on this beautiful plant. Although commonly known for being crimson in color, we also love the less common full green cultivars, such as ‘Waterfall’. A timeless choice for any design, the seasonal foliage is guaranteed to impress!