Plant of the Week: Japanese Maple

The upright (non-dissected) Japanese Maple is referred to as Acer Palmatum var Atropurpureum. This specimen tree is has attractive foliage that ranges in color from green to burgundy, depending on the variety and planting location. The variety pictured above is planted in a relatively shaded area. The lack of sunlight keeps the foliage a green-burgundy color throughout the summer, while a tree planted in full sun will turn a deep burgundy. Regardless of sunlight, the japanese maple turns a brilliant scarlet color in the fall. This variety of the Japanese Maple is well suited for small lawn trees or large planting beds.

Light Needs: Partial to full sun

Watering Needs: Regular watering until established

Average Size: 15′-25′ tall

Why we love this plant: This petite and pretty tree comes in a wide range of colors and varieties, each with their own merits. This tree is ideal for smaller lawn spaces for our clients close to the city. Not only does it provide nice shade for small patio areas, but is also gives a huge affect of color. The excellent red fall color is breath-taking!