Horror Stories with Howie: Time to Smoke Those Weeds

It’s that time of year again…

Springtime, of course – when everything is turning beautiful shades of green, including your lawn. Except you’ve noticed more than a few weeds budding, and they’ve got the munchies for your landscape. Let’s be blunt – weeds will quickly takeover and can be a real hassle to get rid of. Common spring weeds include clover, chickweed, dead nettle, bittercress, henbit, and speedwell. These obnoxious plants will have your allergies raging and your eyes red – from pollen of course.

Because spring annual weeds are so vigorous, they can overtake large patches of healthy turf very quickly. To help fight these pests, early spring fertilization will help jump start the desirable turf and reduce the likelihood of competition between the lawn and the weeds. Every lawn will inevitably have a few, which can be easily targeted with a spot spray of selective broadleaf herbicide. Selective herbicides will target only broadleaf weeds and will not harm the rest of your lawn. In worse cases, a broad cast application may be necessary. Pre-emergent applied on the entire lawn in the springtime can proactively combat grassy weeds (crab grass, goose grass, foxtail, and fall panicum to name a few) that come in summer. The healthier your turf is during the summer heat, the less likely it will get baked.

The best course of action for improving the health of your lawn and smoking out the weeds is to sign up for regular lawn treatments throughout the year. Regular visits are ideally timed to proactively treat your lawn and avoid weed takeover. Knowledgeable technicians can make targeted treatments to meet your turf’s individual needs. A healthy, green lawn is aesthetically appealing and less likely to have invasive insect issues.

If you’re not scheduled for regular lawn treatments, consider contacting us to start a regime at the beginning of this season. We’d like to get your lawn rolling and get rid of those weeds!