Kinship and Reciprocity with Nature

Poolesville, MD

An ecosystem of tranquility.

Necessary paradoxes: Breathing in and breathing out. Solitude and community. Sound that creates quietude. Enter the belfry that revealed this client’s dream of establishing tranquility; of living in goodwill with her environment. To realize their vision, the patio was built in continuity with the existing deck and features a round fire pit for meditative relaxation and soul-warming gatherings. In the front, the aim was to go beyond curb appeal and offer a dedicated space for communion with neighbors passing by. As sustainability-minded gardeners, the clients’ expansive sense of community required extending their welcome even further. Offering equal shelter and habitat to wildlife, plantings included English Oak and Boxwoods, pollinator-friendly Bee Balm and Hummingbird Mint. Stones matching the existing motif give way to unobtrusive walkways that invite meandering. Pops of brightly colored flora hum with vitality. Throughout the property, there exists the sort of kinship with nature that continually brings one back to the present moment.