Dolce Far Niente

Glen Echo, MD

The art of slowing down.

The Italian philosophy that translates to the sweetness of doing nothing is a perfect distillation of this client’s dream to honor life after retirement. A picturesque black and white exterior with rocking chairs on the porch declare at the outset an atmosphere of restful reflection. Overflow turf paver front parking acts as an open invitation for longtime friends to visit and discover the backyard readied for get-togethers. Permeable pavers lead to the thoughtful patio layout complete with an outdoor kitchen to encourage extended stays. A cozy fireplace inspires meaningful conversations that run long into the night and are kept private by liquidambar slender silhouettes planted along the rear property line. A harmonious element that perhaps best encapsulates this next chapter of life? The open-design turf stone pavers that allow greenery to peek through —  a gentle reminder of the new growth that inevitably awaits at the intersection of establishing solid ground and being in flow with nature.