Sea Container Pool Entertainment Area

Our clients from Woodbine, Maryland requested the design and construction of a new backyard entertainment area with the unique focus of integrating a conversation-piece swimming pool. The overarching goal was to create a space for friends and family to gather that was modern and clean to meet their personal design aesthetic while blending with their existing farmhouse and rural setting.

Our client’s focal priority, and our first challenge, was to decide on a vessel for the swimming pool that would be out of the ordinary and one of a kind – something that was modern, yet made to work in the country. After reviewing many options and much discussion – a self-contained, custom retro-fitted shipping container with a glass viewing window emerged as the centerpiece of the new outdoor living space.

The pool was set into the slope of the existing topography, so the window was fully featured from below while a new Ipe deck provided easy access from the first floor to the pool from above. This allowed for cohesiveness between the upper entertainment area and the pool while still featuring the unique viewing window.

The challenge of integrating our client’s modern taste and contemporary pool with the existing farmhouse aesthetic was tackled by the idea of using Ipe wood for the deck. The natural wood elements paired with straight lines and angles offered the perfect contrast to maintain both aesthetics. Additionally, the sunken resin-bound gravel fire pit area provided the perfect balance of country-rustic and clean-contemporary. The stadium-style steps surrounding the sunken fire pit area supplied the added functionality of overflow seating when entertaining larger groups.

Cable railing was used to continue the infusion of modern touches while providing minimal visual interruption to the horse farm beyond. Innovative design strategies enabled us to overcome the challenges of this project, exceed our clients’ goals, and leave them overjoyed with a space to be utilized with friends and family for years to come.

The sunken resin-bound fire pit area and Solo Stove surrounded by Adirondack chairs further exemplifies the modern-rustic aesthetics our clients were after. Stadium-style steps leading from the deck to the firepit area offer cohesiveness to the project while providing extra seating when entertaining large groups.

A view of the project from above captures the cohesiveness of the entertainment area and how it fits perfectly into the existing landscape as if this project was meant to exist here.

More evidence of the blended contemporary-farmhouse aesthetic is shown in this close-up shot of the sharp lines present in the rustic Ipe wood pool deck.

This project perfectly enhanced the property’s farmhouse aesthetic. A large Polywood dining table centered on the natural timber Ipe wood deck is the ideal location for family gatherings.

Warm-lit Ipe wood stairs easily lead guests from the viewing window of the lower-level landscape to the pool deck, fire pit, and entertainment area above.

An in-action display of the functionality and delight of the underwater viewing window.