Old Washington Heritage

Chevy Chase, MD

Making space for tradition.

Heritage homes essay a sense of gravitas. An architectural pause that reminds, even in the time of Wi-Fi, something quieter remains. This client’s wish was to revamp the previous homeowner’s landscaping while amplifying the traditional character of the property – the Old Washington feel. More structure was desired, restraint favored over excess, function preferred over flair. Above all, the design was to create more space for gathering and family time. A stone retaining wall replaced a slope in the rear yard to create a large terrace at the main rear doors of the house. Stone steps offer a natural transition to a lower level, large open lawn, featuring an intimate patio for grilling and watching the kids play. Evergreens lend shape and structure while tall hornbeams grant the privacy of a garden sanctuary. In the language of Pennsylvania flagstone and long-blooming perennials, the redesign speaks of sturdiness and sincerity; languages known in the body before the mind.