A Verdant Courtyard

Georgetown, NW Washington, DC

Innovative design and smart planning create a lush, private outdoor space.

This client’s outdoor courtyard came with a number of interesting challenges—including limited access, structural hurdles, and existing landscape design. The D. A. Dunlevy team built a custom ramp to create ingress from the street, allowing us to bring in all of the materials and plantings.The courtyard has been transformed into a private, tucked-away place for the owners to relax with morning coffee, escape with a good book, or provide an overflow area for visiting guests. The design remained sympathetic to existing architecture and landscaping, utilizing black granite stepping stones and other elements to create cohesion. Clean lines were established with a modern custom bench and stone planter wall. The greenery was chosen to create a simple and structured feel, using narrow European Hornbeam trees for an aerial hedge and adding in boxwoods, nandina, hellebores, and creeping Jenny to round out the verdant, calming effect.