Water-Lovers Paradise

NW Washington, DC

A pool that became a labyrinth of play and wonder

A Northwest Washington, DC estate where swimming is a family affair felt understandably incomplete without a pool. The new addition would be a dedicated space for the family’s competitive swimmers and a gathering point for entertainment and play for the young children. This project required a bird’s eye view that kept utility in mind while honing in on the details that reveal personality and joy. For the pool itself, the special touches included a swim lane with blue tile to reflect a family that did not swim merely for leisure but for love. In keeping with the clean and simple aesthetic of the property, modern techo pavers encircle the pool and were strategically placed over grassy areas, beckoning the curious to explore the entirety of the space. Tall plantings offer privacy while smaller ones tucked along walls mark a charming border that establishes – this is a fertile playground for imagination and for creating lifelong memories.