Stylish Whimsy

Town of Somerset, Chevy Chase, MD

Giving a new build home an old world appeal.

When new homes are put up in an older neighborhood, thoughtful landscape design can provide a more established feel. Our clients wanted beautiful plantings and aesthetically pleasing access to the garage behind the home. D. A. Dunlevy installed a heated parking area that leads to the subtle driveway. A stunning entry gate is trellised for ivy to eventually cover it, which will create a secret garden feel to an otherwise everyday feature.                A unique trellised hydrangea curtain lines the drive and will add lush and shady beauty as the plants mature. More custom touches include a traditionally-stacked stone wall, porthole trellis screens that reflect the home’s architecture, and a cedar trellis with espaliered pyracantha. Every detail of this project served to create a well-established, inviting, and old-world feel to a new build.