Modern Outdoor Entertaining

Historic Kensington, MD

A unique outdoor space is the perfect spot for secluded gatherings.

These homeowners were intent on having a private, inviting space for their friends and family—a central entertainment and hangout spot. With a pool at the top of the wish list, D. A. Dunlevy had to address a low part of the yard that held a great deal of water. We designed the elevation to be higher than the existing grade, and used soil from the excavation to create the needed elevation and drainage.                                                                                                                                                                 We then installed a modern pool and hot tub, a generous surrounding patio and dining area, a lounge area, and a unique fire pit. Other custom touches included a changing area, an Ipe diving board, winding stone paths, walls that doubled as benches, and extensive plantings that tied in with the existing landscape. The end result was a modern, stunning space that everyone would want to visit — and few would want to leave.