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Stone Resin Planters and Garden Decor by Pennoyer Newman

If they are good enough for Elle Decor and Martha Stewart, they are good enough for me. Not enough for you? How about the White House and Architectural Digest?!

This New York based company specializes in custom cast planters and garden decor. Starting out more than twenty years ago, Cecily Pennoyer first started by custom casting and replicating family estate planters for her friends and family. In more recent years, Virginia Newman Yocum has joined the team. Now, the two have expanded their selection in style, color, and customization. Whether your interest lies in estate replicas or ultra modern profiles, the quality is unmatched. In addition to achieving the highest standard in style and quality, they have mastered durability regardless of climate. The planters are created with a stone resin material that is lightweight and weatherproof with an exact match to the look of bulkier stone and concrete options.

Here are a few of their planters that offer great design solutions.




morgan-lead-pot modern_corner_planter florentine_square elizabethanII

Other featured pieces from their catalog include:

Wall décor, Bird Baths, Fountains, Statuary, Seating





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