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Arboriculture is a field in which we are extremely interested. The beautiful tree cover in the Washington Metro area is one of DC’s greatest, most underappreciated assets. Nothing will add to the beauty of a property quite like mature, groomed trees.
Although DC trees are quite breath-taking, they do not come without challenges. Tree maintenance is an art. D & A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc. employs professional Arborists and trained climbers, so that we may properly take care of the trees and promote beauty and longevity. Whether DC trees require pruning, fertilization, insect and pest management, preservation, or removal, we are equipped to offer informative consultations and seamless implementation. We encourage all customers to have their existing mature trees evaluated on a bi-annual basis. Trees are assets that require proper maintenance to be preserved in pristine condition.
Even with state of the art care and maintenance, challenges often arise that result in the need for tree removal in DC. Our certified Arborist can evaluate each tree, and our professional climbers will afford you the peace of mind when it comes to the strategic job of tree removal.

When Tree Removal Is Necessary

Trees compete for space and nutrition, sometimes making it necessary to strategically remove trees to encourage healthy development. Tree removal in DC is particularly important to the city and its residents. DC has a very unique tree cover, providing both beauty and ecological benefits. Ideally, we want to preserve them as much as possible. Tree and shrub treatments can help prevent diseases. However, on occasion, a tree becomes affected by disease, which can compromise the structural integrity of the tree. Other solutions, such as cabling or pruning a tree, can encourage desired growth. Trees can sometimes put existing structures, such as in ground pools or walkways, at risk. In these cases, DC tree removal may be the best solution.

Stages of Tree Removal DC

When requesting information concerning DC tree removal, you will be greeted by one of our friendly administrators. You will be asked some simple questions, so that your information and requests are provided to the appropriate arborist or designer. He or she will respond promptly to your initial call to D & A Dunlevy Landscapers, and will guide you through the process until project completion. Our consultations are always very informative.

Our evaluation of large caliper trees often requires technical rigging and craning services for successful DC tree removal. Examples of this requirement may be:

  • Homes and other structures that are in close proximity
  • Street and sidewalk blockage
  • Utility lines
  • Landscaping on the premises and adjacent properties

You will receive a written proposal which includes a detailed course of action and price itemization.

Contact a Dedicated Tree Removal Company

D & A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, licensed in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virgina. Our outstanding reputation as a Maryland Tree Expert has been maintained over the decades by providing quality services to the Washington metropolitan area. We retain an International Society of Arboriculture License and a Certified Professional Horticulturalist. Trained staff ensures that all safety precautions are observed.
Contact us using our Contact Us form online or by calling our offices. Our prices are competitive and our services are exemplary.

Have Emergency Tree Work?

Call Our Emergency Line 301-590-TREE for tree removal DC, tree pruning, or any other tree related emergencies. 

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