Pool Construction

Few things can increase the enjoyment of a property like a pool or spa. Pools are not only enjoyable they are simply beautifulD & A Dunlevy is pleased to offer full scale pool design, pool construction, pool renovation services as well as spa and water feature installation. The benefit of having one company guide you through the complete design and installation of an exterior project cannot be understated. Many see pool construction and landscape installation as separate disciplines but we have come to see them as inextricably linked. Any project that requires the separation of individual components creates opportunities for miscommunication, overlooked details, and ultimately the potential for dysfunction. We embrace a holistic approach to landscape architecture and exterior construction.

Our pool construction services provide the technical expertise required in the disciplines of design, structural engineering, hydraulics and plumbing, and chemical management. Our site supervision and integration of pool components into the surrounding landscape set our service apart from others in the field. As with all of our other services, we aim to bring clarity of process to all pool construction projects that we are involved in. Swimming Pool Construction services include:

  • Pool Design
  • New Construction
  • Pool Renovations
  • Water Feature Installation
  • Decking Construction

Please contact our office whether you are interested in building a new pool or are ready to renovate and update an existing one.

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