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Monday, August 10, 2015

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D & A Dunlevy Landscapers at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

For the fifth year in a row D & A Dunlevy Landscapers has been given the opportunity to provide the landscape display outside of the Shady Grove Adventist Hospital First Aid Building at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. The first aid building is open to all fair goers including those in need of immediate medical assistance and those who simply need a break from the August heat. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital provides additional outstanding services to the community each year including health screenings, fun activities, and giveaways. D & A Dunlevy Landscapers is pleased to be included in making the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair experience a memorable one. The 66th Montgomery County Agricultural Fair Takes place August 14 – 22nd. Stop by the Shady Grove First Aid building and enjoy the beautiful landscape as you walk in.

For more information regarding services that Shady Grove Adventist Hospital offers visit their site:
Check out the 66th Montgomery County Agricultural Fair’s website for more information about the week’s events!

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