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Montgomery County’s ‘Tree Montgomery’ Program

D & A Dunlevy Landscapers is honored to be the landscape contractor selected to provide tree installation and maintenance services to Montgomery County’s Tree Montgomery program. The Department of Environmental Protection created the program to plant free trees in the yards of single family homes, parking lots, and multi-family communities to provide more shade above buildings. Specific areas that the county is hoping to target are developments with little existing tree canopy that are in need of shade. D & A Dunlevy Landscapers will be installing beautiful 10 to 12 foot trees and providing aftercare to the areas designated by the county. These trees will eventually grow to be more than 50 feet tall.

If you’re interested in Montgomery County free trees, you can visit the program’s website at TreeMontgomery.org and fill out an application. The county will be contacting and selecting applicants to receive shade trees. Check back for updates and pictures of tree plantings at each location selected!

Fall 2015/Winter 2016:

Wednesday, January 6, 2016, Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection filmed one of our crews planting trees throughout the day. We planted a brand new Sugar Maple at a residence on Maple Avenue in Bethesda. These photos show some of our planting process, which includes marking the location, planting the tree, mulching, watering, and adding deer protection. Montgomery County’s ‘Tree Canopy’ program has kept us very busy throughout the fall and into the winter months. We have been able to plant trees much further into winter this year because of the milder weather keeping the ground warm.

MC Tree Potter 4 MC Tree
MC Tree MC Tree D & A Dunlevy
MC Tree Planting D & A Dunlevy


Our nursery (pictured below) is very full after several large deliveries of trees in November. We are excited to get them planted this fall.

Fall 2015 Nursery Fall 2015 2 Nursery

Spring 2015:

Round Hill Apartments

Round Hill Apartments Tree Round Hill Apartments Tree


Montgomery County Residences

MC Tree Platnings D & A Dunlevy
MC Tree Platnings D & A Dunlevy

MC Tree Platnings D & A Dunlevy
MC Tree Platnings D & A Dunlevy