Landscape Literacy

Don’t Spook Your Neighbors – Get a Fall Clean Up!

With fall arriving so quickly, it is important to start thinking about preparing your landscape for the changing seasons. We recommend that everyone has a fall clean-up done, which is the best way to both groom your landscape before the holiday season and prepare it for the long winter months. Fall clean-ups are a good time to remove existing summer annuals and add fall flowers for a splash of fall color throughout the landscape. Perennials are also pruned back in the fall as appropriate, depending on the type of plant.

Our fall clean-ups are specifically catered towards the property. Each landscape is unique and requires attention in different areas, but in general, fall clean-ups include the following:

Pruning of all ornamental shrubs, perennials and trees – Shrubs are pruned to an aesthetically pleasing fashion and all unhealthy growth is removed. Plant material is pruned away from obstacles such as sidewalks or air conditioning units.

Weeding and cleaning – Beds are weeded and any excessive mulch is removed, especially from around the base of plants. When mulch mats, it creates a barrier from oxygen and water. If mulch is not maintained to prevent this, plant roots won’t grow deep – they grow upwards into the mulch. Shallow roots are unhealthy for plant growth. Unattended and built up mulch can also be a harvesting ground for insects and rodents. Removing mulch can prevent this and can prevent crown rot from around the base of plants.

Edging – All beds have a 3″-5″ edge carved to create a sharp definition. All walks, patios, curbs and driveways are power edged and cleaned to sharpen the look of the landscape.

Fertilizer and herbicide – All ornamental trees and shrubs are appropriately fertilized to maintain and improve health and vigor. Fertilizing in fall is important and provides nutrients for the winter months when it is properly directed at the plant roots. This equates to better root development, which in turn makes spring foliage more healthy and vibrant. Pre-emergent herbicide is applied to help curtail weed growth in the bed areas.

Mulching – Nothing sharpens the look of a landscape like fresh mulch. Besides appearance, having the correct amount of mulch is critical to the health of the landscape. It keeps moisture in the ground while organically decomposing over time, giving nutrients back to the soil. A covering of 1.5 to 2 inches is applied evenly to all beds.

Final Cleaning – All areas, such as driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios, are blown using a backpack blower. Any debris, including fallen leaves, are collected and hauled off site to be disposed of properly.

A fall clean-up can really enhance the appeal of your property, but also pays out when spring comes around and your plants are healthy. Contact us and we will ensure that your landscape is sufficiently prepared and looking its best this fall!