Landscape Literacy

How Did The Grass Get Greener On The Other Side?!

The Importance of Aerating and Overseeding – 

The best way to strengthen your lawn is to thicken it up to encourage a deep, strong root system. Early fall is an excellent time to begin this process. The summer annual weeds that thrived in the heat will begin to die naturally and the nights will get cooler allowing the moisture to return, but the soil temperatures will still be warm enough to allow for quick seed germination. These soil and weather conditions are optimal for growing new grass. Thickening your grass will help stop weeds from invading and allow your lawn to choke out any unwanted species. Core-aeration is when a machine removes plugs approximately 2”-3” deep and drops them back on the surface. This process is immediately followed by seeding the lawn with grass seed. Since the compaction of the soil is eased due to the aeration, this allows the roots to move deeper and strengthen.  Aeration and overseeding, coupled with an annual fertilization regimen is the best way to achieve a healthy, beautiful lawn.

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