Robertson Residence

The Robertson project was designed by Andy Balderson of Donovan, Feola, Balderson & Associates. The gallery photos show the “before and after” as well as “under construction” phases of the project. These photos help give an idea of the magnitude of the stone wall construction and of the excavation. As you view the photos, notice the challenge of limited access to the rear yard workspace. Having knowledgeable crewmen enabled us to disassemble our excavator in the front yard and reassemble it in the backyard, thus allowing for adequate access. Another major challenge faced during this project was the dangerous excavating environment that arose due to unstable soil composition. In order to safely continue, we employed temporary shoring and performed additional excavation. We also installed excess soil holding systems that allowed the project to continue safely on to completion. The beauty and functionality of the space was born out of a complicated and technically challenging construction process.