O’Berry Residence

“I’m having a hard time seeing it, but I trust your judgement” is an unusual, yet welcomed, response when discussing the possibility of moving hundreds of yards of soil around a customer’s yard. The stakes were high when we proposed a dramatic grade change to this hilly, unusable backyard. Adding a timber retaining wall on the lower side and cutting into the hill allowed us to create a much more functional lawn space where the kids can now play lacrosse. Aside from the enhanced pragmatic value of the yard, the beautiful flagstone patio and stone fire pit make for the perfect space to either entertain guests or have some family fun.  To complete the look and use of the space, outdoor furniture was selected by the homeowner as the perfect finishing touch. To further upgrade this property’s look, a new flagstone walkway and custom plantings were brought to the front yard.  The walkway features a generous stone landing near the front door and a wide threshold at the driveway. Plantings vary through textures and colors with a special highlight of the Weeping Redbud specimen.