Bastow|Binnie Residence

Landscapes develop over time. With today’s expectation of immediate results; growing, maintaining, and developing a property’s exterior can seem slow and cumbersome. At times the idea of years and years of commitment to a project’s progress can feel outdated and anachronistic. However, the Bastow|Binnie Residence is the gold standard for devotion to the idea of a growing, living, and unfolding garden. In the mid to late 90’s the homeowners purchased a beautiful home in a newly constructed Potomac neighborhood. New construction has it’s benefits and also it’s challenges; landscaping seemed to be the immediate need and so they embarked on the implementation of a plan that would unfold over the next 15-20 years. The before pictures in this gallery show the work that D & A Dunlevy provided in 1999; stone walls and ornamental plantings. From that time until now, we have provided Residential Landscape Maintenance and a watchful eye, ensuring that the plan developed as it was originally conceived. The most recent addition to the property is the flagstone patio, fire-pit, and plantings that were designed by Gina Benincasa in the spring of 2012.