Foxhall Road Residence

“I love this house but I can’t stand looking out my front door and seeing the overly busy Foxhall Road, can you make it go away?” So many of our projects grow out of the seedbed of a real felt need and you can consider this one to be the archetype. Our friends at Washington Fine Properties brought us in to consult with their client prior to purchasing this lovely home in NW Washington. As you can tell from the quote, they loved the interior of the home and the location was perfect, but there was a real concern about being so exposed to a major commuter road, especially as the parents of small children. With these considerations in mind, our designers created a front landscape display that is complete with a double row of Nellie Stevens Hollies and automatic gates, custom fabricated by Walpole Woodworkers. Once the installation was complete, the customer was able to say, “Now this is the perfect home!” no qualifications necessary.