Canal Square

The Canal Square project was birthed from tragedy. The Sea Catch restaurant in Georgetown shares an outdoor dining area with the historic C & O Canal. In February of 2010 the devastating blizzards not only affected travel but also the 60-year-old Mulberry trees that lined the Tow Path of the Canal. Shown in the early photographs are the remnants of those historic trees. In early March D & A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc. was called in to begin repairing that which was destroyed by the storms. Working with the property owner and the National Park Service we met both the challenge of specifying an appropriate species and locating specimen that were mature in stature. The historicity of the site demanded plantings that did not detract from their setting.

The selected variety was Betula nigra, commonly known as River Birch. The Birch were grown by Dogwood Hill Farm, a local nursery, less than 30 miles from Georgetown. They stood approximately 30’-40’ tall at the time of tree planting.