Our Featured Project

D & A Dunlevy Landscapers is honored to be renovating the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in DC. Designed by Lawrence Halprin and completed in 1997, the memorial’s existing plants and trees are now overgrown and unmaintained. We have been selected to help restore the memorial to its former glory. Trees and shrubs will be pruned and an array of plants will be added to complete Halprin’s vision. To read about the memorial’s designer, click here.

Air Spading at Night – Posted November 20th

FDR Memorial Washington Monument D & A Dunlevy
Due to the nature of air spading work, we had to perform this portion of the job at night. Typically, soil is aerated using a tiller, but aerating near existing plant roots with a tiller could potentially destroy the root system. Air spading (pictured right and above) allows us to aerate the soil around trees without damaging the roots. The air spade we fabricated and used for this project is attached to a large air compressor and efficiently loosens the soil by forcing a targeted stream of air to an area so that we are able to install plants. Pictured below is a specimen japanese maple that required using an all-terrain lift to access the 12′ raised planter it was going in. FDR Memorial Renovation D & A Dunlevy
FDR Memorial Renovation D & A Dunlevy FDR Memorial Renovation D & A Dunlevy

Pruning is Underway! – Posted October 28th

Our pruners are hard at work trimming shrubs and trees around the memorial. Pruning will allow the plants to grow in a more healthy manner, but will also compliment the memorial and fulfill the design as a whole. FDR Memorial Pruning
FDR Memorial Pruning

Before Project Commencement – Posted October 14th

It almost seemed like the memorial was begging for us to start work on the cold, rainy day that this picture was taken. We stopped by for an evaluation of the scope of work, which includes pruning trees and shrubs and adding plants to the existing landscape. The trees growing behind this section of the memorial will be trimmed to a more healthy state. We are excited to start the pruning portion of the renovation on October 27th! FDR Memorial Before Renovation D & A Dunlevy