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Dave & Angie Dunlevy

We are a family owned quality landscape company started in 1982 by David and Angie Dunlevy. The company was started in ’82 after Dave spent the six previous years learning his craft working in the nursery and landscaping industry in the Washington metropolitan area. In the early days the company consisted of Dave and Angie, one or two employees, and a truck. It didn’t stay that way for long. The company moved from Rockville to Gaithersburg in 1984 where it operated until 1990. At that time the workshop and daily operations were moved from Gaithersburg to the current location in Poolesville. The office and administrative side followed in 1995.

The company has changed a great deal since the early days. There are now over 45 employees and 10 – 12 crews operating daily during the growing season. What has not changed is the personal pride and commitment to excellence that Dave and Angie possess and instill in the people they employ. The company has never been allowed to outgrow the quality standard that they set back in ’82. D & A Dunlevy knows that to be a volume driven company, you must trade some level of quality for the sake of efficiency and the bottom line. This trade-off simply does not fit into our business model.

Dunlevy Family

In recent years, the company has enjoyed fresh leadership from both of the Dunlevy’s two children. D. Blake Dunlevy and Katelyn Dunlevy Perez grew up working in the family business. Blake went on to study landscape architecture at West Virginia University and has brought that training home. He continues to pursue more education through short courses offered around the country. Blake possesses various industry licenses and accreditations and is considered to be an expert by his peers in many aspects of landscaping, tree work, and construction. Katelyn received a degree in Business Management from James Madison University. She minored in Spanish and went on to spend a year in Southern Spain teaching English. Katelyn then joined the company in 2010. She now manages the company’s office and oversees all administration. Her careful attention to detail, her conservative approach to finances, and her strong desire to develop the business through customer satisfaction and quality control will keep the company moving forward for years to come.

D & A Dunlevy Staff

The goal of the company is to provide the highest level of personalized service. We know about the “industry standard” and we have watched the bar dip lower and lower for years. We measure ourselves, and our service, by comparing our company not to the best available but to the best possible. By providing such a high level of service, we have been able to attract a customer base that not only recognizes our quality work but that appreciates the efforts put forth by our company and go out of their way to refer us to others. Thank you to all our customers who have put their trust in D & A Dunlevy Landscapers, Inc.



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